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What Our Clients Are Saying


I had two specialists tell me that I would need to have my colon removed due to radiation damage from prostate cancer! Thank goodness my doctor referred me to Hypberbaric Centers of CA. I was able to completely heal the damage to my colon.

After my facial surgery, the left side of my face, including most of my cheek, turned black. I was told that I would need skin grafts. My doctor prescribed HBOT and after 25 treatments my face healed and there wasn't even any scarring.

My bladder was healed by HBOT after radiation treatment damage. No more pain or bleeding!

My diabetic ulcer on my foot that I suffered with for 6 months healed in a few weeks after starting HBOT.

My oral surgeon required that I do treatments prior to tooth extractions resulting from radiation therapy. The staff at Hyperbaric Centers of CA treated me like family and the surgery went well!

I struggled to heal after reconstructive surgery of my breast. I had a graft that was compromised, so I began hyperbaric treatments. It was amazing how fast it began to heal! My insurance covered the therapy and I am so happy with the results.

I was diagnosed with osteoradionecrosis, radiation damage to the bone. In my case it was my lower jaw after mouth cancer. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy brought the bone back!

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