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F. A. Q.

What is a hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment like?

Prior to treatment, you will wear 100% cotton scrubs and remove all metal and electronic objects. Our certified hyperbaric technician (CHT) will then help guide you into the chamber. At the start of the treatment, or compression phase, you may feel a slight pressure in your ears, similar to what you might experience in an airplane. If at any time you feel any discomfort or pain in your ears, please alert the CHT immediately, so they can tailor the treatment to your comfort level. The CHT will provide methods for you to clear your ears. For example, yawning, stretching, and drinking water have proven successful to relieve pressure in the ears. In addition, there are special earplugs which help some people to better clear their ears. When the prescribed treatment pressure is reached, you will begin breathing 100% medical grade oxygen through a hood or mask. During the treatment, you can sit back and relax, watch a movie, or read. Treatment time will be dependent upon your individual prescription. At the end of the treatment, or recompression phase, the pressure will decrease and the chamber temperature will feel cooler. You will again feel a pressure change in your ears. Most patients find the treatment comfortable and relaxing and children see the experience as an exciting adventure.

How do I prepare for a treatment?

Prior to hyperbaric oxygen treatment, you will consult with a Medical Doctor. Your treatment schedule based on your individual condition and needs. A prescription is required for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We will provide 100% cotton scrubs for you to wear while inside the chamber.

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