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Ventura County’s Choice for Healing Burns with Hyperbaric Oxygen

There are many treatments and therapies that may be required and recommended for treating burns. For thermal burns specifically, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (or HBOT) can be one part of your recovery plan. Based in Ventura County and serving all nearby patients, Hyperbaric Centers of California assists you in healing burns with hyperbaric oxygen. 

Thermal burns are characterized by an area of coagulation, stagnation of blood and body fluid flow in the tissue surrounding that area, and capillary dilation that reddens the bordering skin. The lack of blood flow (or ischemia) and oxygen (hypoxia) caused by these complex, destructive heat injuries will lead to tissue death. Moreover, the obstructed capillaries block circulation to the surrounding tissue, extending the tissue damage beyond the initial heat injury.

In order to limit this damage and promote healing, HBOT provides several benefits:

  • HBOT minimizes the blockage of capillaries and improves the flow of oxygen to the affected areas, minimizing tissue death.
  • HBOT prevents white cells from adhering to blood vessel walls, which would further damage blood vessels in the affected areas.
  • The improved oxygen flow of HBOT also reduces the overall healing time from the burn, especially for 2nd-degree burns, and so reduces hospital length of stay.
  • For burns caused by high-voltage electrical injuries, HBOT helps reduce selling in the injured muscles and so promotes better healing.
  • Depending on the specific injury, HBOT can either reduce the need for grafting or promote the acceptance and nourishment of a skin graft in the affected area.

Try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Burns at Our Facility

Hyperbaric Centers for California commits to improving the health of anyone recovering from thermal burns. While hyperbaric oxygen therapy for burns is just one of many treatments that may be required, it can still fit into a health plan easily. Our team also provides this care in a comfortable, relaxing environment to help you enjoy your care.

Hyperbaric Centers of California works with you and your healthcare providers to encourage healing. If you are recovering from thermal burns or other wounds, we are ready and able to help you. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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