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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Skin Grafts: Post-Surgical Care in Ventura County

Skin grafts need time to heal and integrate into your body. Normal skin grafts may not require adjunct therapies to heal normally, but compromised grafts – such as those over tissue that has been irradiated, has decreased arterial blood flow (low perfusion), or have an absence of oxygen (hypoxia) – will need additional support for healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for skin grafts is an excellent solution, and Hyperbaric Centers of California provides this care in Ventura County.

Once harvested, skin grafts immediately become hypoxic (oxygen absent) and ischemic (reduced blood flow). If the graft is applied to a wound that also experience low blood and oxygen levels, the graft will require additional support in order to incorporate effectively. Once grafted wounds that have failed or will fail usual therapy are identified, hyperbaric oxygen therapy – or HBOT – and other adjunct therapies can be applied.

Better Healing from Skin Grafts with HBOT

If you have compromised skin grafts, Hyperbaric Centers of California can help. We enable better healing from skin grafts with HBOT. Our care can be one of the adjunct therapies used to promote healing until the treated area is able to accept and nourish the graft.

HBOT works by allowing pure, pressurized oxygen to saturate the cells of the graft bed. This process allows cells that require oxygen to operate efficiently, which provides several benefits in turn:

  • Encouraging the growth of new blood vessels (neovascularization)
  • Improving blood flow in new and current blood vessels to nourish the graft
  • Suppressing the growth of bacteria, thereby preventing infections
  • Ensuring oxygen availability in the graft, a critical component of the graft’s success
  • Reducing the necessity for re-grafting procedures (in select cases)

If you are aware that adjunct therapies will be required for your graft, then don’t wait to try the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen. Call Hyperbaric Centers of California to schedule a consultation.

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