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Hyperbaric Treatment for Wounds in Ventura County

Our bodies are wounded all the time, but some physical wounds struggle to heal. Hyperbaric Centers of California helps people struggling to heal in Ventura County. We provide hyperbaric treatment for wounds, a process that stimulates healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a complementary procedure that can be added to other adjunct therapies related to wound healing. Ask your physician if hyperbaric treatment for wounds is right for you within your specific health plan. If so, Hyperbaric Centers of California is ready and able to treat you.

HBOT works by supporting the body’s natural healing process. Inhaling pure oxygen in a pressurized environment boosts the immune system, reduces the pain of the wound, promotes neovascularization (the growth of new blood vessels), and increases the efficacy of antibiotics. By fueling the oxygen-dependent destruction of anaerobes by leukocytes, HBOT also provides an environment that kills present bacteria in the wound and suppresses new bacterial growth. The result is a wound that heals quickly, especially for wounds that are recovering from bacterial infection.

Restoring Your Health: Diabetic Ulcer Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Giving you the chance to heal is our top priority. The type of wounds addressed at Hyperbaric Centers of California include pressure ulcers, necrotizing soft-tissue infections, and other non-healing wounds. The bacteria-killing benefits of HBOT is especially useful in assisting patients with weakened immune systems, such as with patients who are trying to control their diabetes.

Consequently, we also are known for providing diabetic ulcer hyperbaric oxygen treatment. 

Our team is always happy to serve you. We welcome anyone to contact us for more information. Call Hyperbaric Centers of California today to schedule a consultation. 

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