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Oxygen therapy for sports injuries in Ventura County

Our team at the Hyperbaric Centers of California provides clients in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County with the best hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. HBOT is done by breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube. This kind of oxygen therapy is a trusted treatment for a variety of health issues and concerns relating to sports injuries. In The Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine, Hogrefe and Huber make the following recommendation, “Rehabilitation of an injured athlete should start right after the injury in order to acquire maximum benefits.”

Additional benefits mentioned in the text include improving fracture healing and aiding in recovery from exhaustion and collapse. Recent studies in cardiovascular literature suggest that patients undergoing open heart surgery have better brain function if they receive hyperbaric oxygen prior to surgery.

Injuries to:

  • Tissue
  • Ligaments
  • Fractured bone
  • Reduction of scar tissue formation and damage
  • Acute trauma
  • Compartment syndrome


  • Reduction of swelling and pain
  • Prevention of hypoxia to the traumatized tissue
  • Decrease in healing time for: tissue, ligaments, fractured bone, reduction of scar tissue formation and damage
  • Earlier return of the athletes to physical activity
  • Reducing the formation of scar tissue and residual damage

Benefits of treatment:

  • Increases the production and release of stem cells by 800%
  • Increases plasma oxygen concentration 10 to 15 times.
  • Enhances the body’s natural healing process.
  • Provides oxygen to areas with compromised blood flow.
  • Reduces swelling, inflammation, bruising, infection, scarring, and the recovery time from surgery and injury.
  • Assists in the growth of new blood vessels.
  • Enhances formation of collagen and new tissue growth.
  • Restores oxygen to depleted tissues and cells
  • Assists with impaired circulation
  • Recent studies suggest a common link among children with autism is chronic
  • Improves immune system response.
  • Recent studies show 79% of autistic children improved on many levels including communication, cognition, and motivation.
  • Enhances white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria and fungi
  • Creates an unfavorable environment for anaerobic bacterium to live
  • Facilitates cellular detoxification
  • Studies suggest HBOT reawakens the dormant neurons that are alive but not functioning in and around the injured tissue of the brain.
  • Improves brain cell function inflammation of areas of the brain and intestinal tract. The anti-inflammatory effects of hyperbaric oxygen make it an attractive treatment modality for autism.
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