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Autism spectrum disorder treatments in Ventura County

At the Hyperbaric Centers of California we provide clients in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County with the best hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism treatment. This kind of therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube. This is a trusted treatment for a variety of health issues and concerns such as autism spectrum disorders.

The effectiveness of HBOT in children with autism is most likely a manifestation of the enhanced function of previously damaged neurons. These neurons, called “idling neurons,” are still alive, but have been damaged to the extent that their function is compromised. Parents of children with autism are reporting that HBOT seems to be a powerful tool in reducing some of the causes of their children’s ongoing symptomology.

Autism is a developmental disorder which begins at birth or within the first three years of life. Our treatment methods for this include inflammation, neurological abnormalities, abnormal immune response, and gastrointestinal tract inflammation. We treat all types of ASD. Children and seniors with Aspergers to non-verbal types of ASD can benefit from this. Studies suggest HBOT reawakens the dormant neurons that are alive but not functioning in and around the injured tissue of the brain. Research has proven that many areas of the body cannot function properly without an appropriate amount of oxygen levels in the tissue. Several illnesses and injuries occur within the cellular or tissue level. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the quality of life is improved. Studies show that those with autism have diminished blood flow. When they try to complete a task that requires focus, their blood flow does not increase. This diminished blood flow can be correlated to many core autistic symptoms and behaviors.

Benefits of treatment:

  • Potent anti-inflammatory
  • Neuron inflammation
  • Brain inflammation
  • Gut inflammation
  • Proven to boost white blood cells and immunity
  • Healing and repairing
  • Increasing function
  • Immediately provides oxygen to areas with compromised blood flow.
  •  Increases plasma oxygen concentration 10 – 15 times.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Assists in the growth of new blood vessels.
  • Enhances formation of collagen and new tissue growth.
  • Enhances white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria and fungi.
  • Creates an unfavorable environment for anaerobic bacterium to live.
  • Blocks the effects of and reduces damage from toxic gases including carbon monoxide.
  • Facilitates cellular detoxification
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